Classic CashTrails - Expense and Income Tracker with Sync App Reviews

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best of the best

Best app. But havent search and web/desktop app :(

Great App, amazing support

Been a very happy user of CashTrails for 4 years now and somehow lost some of my data after a phone upgrade. Customer support was quick and super helpful. Had everything restored in a day. I think this is the best app to track income and expenses.

great UI

very good! easy and flexible. only widget is missing to gibe 5*

Great app

I tried a dozen other finance apps and this was the only one that had all the features I needed. I use it for more than a year now and its really wonderful to be able to generate all kinds of reports. They really help taking strategic decisions about your money.

This is a downgrade!

Paid-for features REMOVED in update! Beware! Researched buying this app extensively. Paid for it. Relied-upon features removed by update. Talked to the developer. Nice polite guy, but it has been months of waiting for the original features to be restored. I cannot use the app as I originally did and intended. 1. Where did wireless export via WiFi go? I do not want to pass my info through iTunes. No, I do not want to pass my records through email providers either. I can not control their data retention practices. 2. Settings are missing for features changed in this version for features I grew accustomed to. Like positive expense as default. The +/- button is three clicks away now. The entry task should be as simple as possible because that is what the app is most used for most of the time. I dont look at pretty report graphs every minute.


Strongly recomended

Best Little Personal Accounting App

After trying a great many, I must say this is the best little personal accounting app Ive found. Its got an intuitive, efficient interface, and does everything I want it to. Handles foreign currencies quite well. Its like a mobile game where I can save real money!

Replaced Toshl for good

Im a long time Toshl user but Im very disappointed that they took soooo long to update their app (still waiting!) because of their multi-platforms goal that severely affected their iOS development. Anyway, I chanced upon this app after searching for awhile and man what a great expense tracking app - It have everything I ever wanted for an app like this and no recurring cost to use sync as they are using iCloud. Instant entry option (disabled by default) is another nifty feature. Just buy this app already. Highly recommended!

What Happened

New version. Lost 3 years if records. Awful.

Go on the same! Its perfect!

Im very proud to say, that Im very happy with this app! Its going better and better. Im staying with You. Thanks for that perfect product.

Best of all

Just awesome app! Huge opportunities in such a simple interface. I use this app for many years. Tried a lot of other programs, but they all lose in the features. Recent upgrades are just gorgeous! Many thanks for the app.

Better the old version

Why the alphabetic scroll is not present anymore ?


I have been using this program since November 2011 and it has been great. It is very fast and easy to add new entries and it is easy to get helpful break-downs of your data for assistance in budgeting. Highly recommended. Thanks for the continued updates and support.

Update made it worse

This used to be a great app. You can no longer delete the 6 preset accounts. Not using anymore.

Hate the update, loved the old app

This app used to be the best but now I hate it and am in search of a new one to use instead- right now Im using nothing. Everything is different and youre not in control of as many tags as before-- its so confusions. Get the old one back!!!!

Used to love this app

Recently it was updated and now the type is hard to read and it is more involved to switch between debits and credits. If I could go back to old version I would have given it 5+ stars

Bad update

It crashes, the total amount never coincides. Update is a big fail

Where is the improvement ?

Since latest update unwanted change of language ( automatically switch into english version) and lost of data. Statistics partly useless or just wrong.

Account default

I like the old version where the account default was the last account used. Default to the first account in the list is not ideal since the account list order can not be edited

Just English?

Only in English - why not in German as in the past!?

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