Classic CashTrails App Reviews

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Very nice app!

Very nice app! Recommended!

App ist super

iPad Version und Cloud-Funktionen bitte...

Just English?

Only in English - why not in German as in the past!?

Where is the improvement ?

Since latest update unwanted change of language ( automatically switch into english version) and lost of data. Statistics partly useless or just wrong.

Go on the same! Its perfect!

Im very proud to say, that Im very happy with this app! Its going better and better. Im staying with You. Thanks for that perfect product.

great UI

very good! easy and flexible. only widget is missing to gibe 5*

Flexible and logical

I need something to get me organized and to keep track of my monthly expenditures so I tried this program. I find it well organized and that it has a lot of flexibility built in. Id suggest removing the un-needed brackets around the entries, and also adding recurring expenses that could at your option be selected. Keep up the good programming... "And Ill be back".

Simple and effecient

Very handy and easy to use. No need to set budget. Has been great so far.

Great Trip expenses Tracker

Shopped til we dropped. Tracked all the purchases easily. Easy, flexible reporting for when we cross the border, including currency conversion. Will use this app on a daily basis for business, personal & houseld expenses. Two small improvements could be a search and an ability to look at reports or lists in landscape mode.

Simply The Best!!!

This is masterful! Nothing comes close! To the developer, please provide us the option to create multiple User Accounts and you will reign till Thy Kingdom Come.

Great App and getting better

Last update is very welcomed. Would like to see a search function, separate totals for reconciled and non reconciled transactions and an abbreviated list of payees for example, that comes up based on the selected tag, or at least a lettered scroll bar, especially when long lists are involved. On the not so important side, icons for quick identification would be nice. Keep up the good work. Look forward to the next update.


The creators of this app are very intuitive. It is very flexible and easy to use. The learning curve is painless!

Most used app on my iPhone !

Fantastic job on this app Easy, fast, and amazingly flexible! I track our vacation expenses, kids income for good grades and expenses since its really all my money but I can run an accurate balance for their accounts easily. I bet I can track stocks purchases faster than stocks programs. No doubt my most used app next to the phone function. Thanks !

SO EASY To Use! I love this App

So convenient. I got my one brother to use it who was having trouble just keeping track of his receipts for recording. He loves it! Its so simple and entries are quicker and I stopped requesting receipts for my cash transactions. As I would just enter it into cash trails right away. It makes keeping track of spending and earnings fun especially when you can see immediate totals right away on certain categories and for the week, month year. Ill never have to use my brain or a calculator again it feels like for this kind of stuff! The price for this app is worth every cent. This app is located on my home screen for immediate access making entries much quicker.


Tried 11 other apps. This is the best expense tracker of the lot. Excellent reporting + clean and clear UI. Fast data entry. I was looking for an app that wasnt cluttered with budgeting. This is it.

Best Application Ever. No Regrets

Absolutely love this application. Best finance program I have ever purchased. Easy to use and I love the way you can personalize the application. I use it daily for all our expenditures. First. Time I have taken the time to write a review because this application deserves praise. Thank you for such a great application at such an affordable price. Marie P. Red Deer. AB


I think this app is great. Been using it for over a year and couldnt think of anything that could be added to it to improve it just because I found it so perfect. Im writing this review however to suggest an addition. I started getting multiple accounts with different banks recently and Id like it if you could add a color coding scheme to accounts to make identifying them quicker. Like blue for this for another bank...etc. Thanks and hope to see this in an update. Great job so far.

Great app!

Just want to say that I love the app, but of course there always improvements needed to be made to enhance the quality of your product. A bill notifier, so the customer will never be behind in paying bills again (plus it will keep them using your app more if they get notified). The user would enter the desired amount needed on a monthly basis to pay eg, mortgage and a check off that will keep you informed of your bill payment until the following month. And a color code system so the user can identify multiple accounts easier.

Best expense tracking/budget app available

UPDATE: My wife and I spent 3 months travelling in Asia. I used this app to track our cash in hand, in the bank, and our daily spending to manage our budget on the fly. It worked very well with 5 different currencies and was an indispensable tool for us. ORIGINAL Quick, easy, and customizable. I tried quite a few other free budgeting apps and this was by far the best. Very convenient and straightforward. Ill actually use this on the go, and will benefit from it. Download the free lite version and youll be getting the full app in no time.

Best app Ive ever downloaded

The one app that I will consistently use everyday to improve and monitor my spending. Very easy to use. I have been using it for the past 10 months and I really dont know what I would do without it!

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