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Classic CashTrails app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 3536 ratings )
Business Finance
Developer: Vasyl Smyrnov
4.99 USD
Current version: 2.1.9, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 11 Feb 2009
App size: 17.88 Mb

PLEASE NOTE: This is the classic version of CashTrails. For the current version, please search for "CashTrails+" in the App Store.

If you already bought Classic CashTrails, theres a discount available should you choose to upgrade to the Pro version of CashTrails+. The discount can be accessed via Classic CashTrails, under More > Info + Upgrade.


Classic CashTrails lets you track your expenses and income, featuring:

• Seamless sync via iCloud.
• Support for multiple accounts and transfers between them.
• All records, accounts, tags, parties and groups can be edited or deleted at any time.
• Photo attachments.
• Passcode protection to hide your financial data from unwanted eyes.
• Recurring records, both expenses and incomes, with rich frequency options.
• History to view and adjust your previous records.
• Tags to organize your records the way you like.
• Ability to specify vendors/payees and clients/payers (parties).
• Groups to separate your regular expenses from business or holiday trips.
• Time of records is recorded as well.
• "Refund" records.
• Calculator.

• Instant reports for any period of time and kind of expenses.
• Timeline bar graph reports for days, weeks and months, with whatever filter you set.
• Structure of expenses and income, split by tags, parties, accounts or groups, in percentages and absolute amounts, for any report filter.
• Daily, weekly and monthly averages.
• Reports for particular hours.
• Instant account balances.
• Report filter presets - switch between your favorite reports with just a tap.

• Full support for over 160 world currencies.
• Quick toggle between the currencies youre using most often.

• Ability to analyze your records in a spreadsheet using CSV export.
• Backup and restore CashTrails data and settings.

Pros and cons of Classic CashTrails app for iPhone and iPad

Classic CashTrails app good for

Im very proud to say, that Im very happy with this app! Its going better and better. Im staying with You. Thanks for that perfect product.
very good! easy and flexible. only widget is missing to gibe 5*
I need something to get me organized and to keep track of my monthly expenditures so I tried this program. I find it well organized and that it has a lot of flexibility built in. Id suggest removing the un-needed brackets around the entries, and also adding recurring expenses that could at your option be selected. Keep up the good programming... "And Ill be back".
Very handy and easy to use. No need to set budget. Has been great so far.
Shopped til we dropped. Tracked all the purchases easily. Easy, flexible reporting for when we cross the border, including currency conversion. Will use this app on a daily basis for business, personal & houseld expenses. Two small improvements could be a search and an ability to look at reports or lists in landscape mode.
This is masterful! Nothing comes close! To the developer, please provide us the option to create multiple User Accounts and you will reign till Thy Kingdom Come.

Some bad moments

Since latest update unwanted change of language ( automatically switch into english version) and lost of data. Statistics partly useless or just wrong.
Paid-for features REMOVED in update! Beware! Researched buying this app extensively. Paid for it. Relied-upon features removed by update. Talked to the developer. Nice polite guy, but it has been months of waiting for the original features to be restored. I cannot use the app as I originally did and intended. 1. Where did wireless export via WiFi go? I do not want to pass my info through iTunes. No, I do not want to pass my records through email providers either. I can not control their data retention practices. 2. Settings are missing for features changed in this version for features I grew accustomed to. Like positive expense as default. The +/- button is three clicks away now. The entry task should be as simple as possible because that is what the app is most used for most of the time. I dont look at pretty report graphs every minute.
It crashes, the total amount never coincides. Update is a big fail
Please fix bugs. I love this app and cant live without it! Started crashing and Im freaking out about losing my data (´Д` )(´Д` )(´Д` )
App recently will not open. I have data to enter and the app will not open. Id like to restart and save info but cant even access it.
Great update to the UI and so excited for iCloud support, but the app keeps crashing when I try to access the transactions in each individual account! Please fix this because it makes the app all but unusable. Also, iPad support should be included for customers that have already paid! Thank you!