Classic CashTrails App revisa


Prático e super útil, recomendo.


App perfetta per la gestione del portafoglio, ora finalmente con grafica minimal!!

Aggiornamento non soddisfacente

Laggiornamento non mi soddisfa. Ridatemi la versione precedente!

Really great app!

Have been using this app for a couple of years, and it has really helped me organizing all my finances and keeping track of everything in a very clear way. I totally recommend it!

best of the best

Best app. But haven't search and web/desktop app :(

Great App, amazing support

Been a very happy user of CashTrails for 4 years now and somehow lost some of my data after a phone upgrade. Customer support was quick and super helpful. Had everything restored in a day. I think this is the best app to track income and expenses.

Great app

I tried a dozen other finance apps and this was the only one that had all the features I needed. I use it for more than a year now and it's really wonderful to be able to generate all kinds of reports. They really help taking strategic decisions about your money.

Replaced Toshl for good

I'm a long time Toshl user but I'm very disappointed that they took soooo long to update their app (still waiting!) because of their multi-platforms goal that severely affected their iOS development. Anyway, I chanced upon this app after searching for awhile and man what a great expense tracking app - It have everything I ever wanted for an app like this and no recurring cost to use sync as they are using iCloud. Instant entry option (disabled by default) is another nifty feature. Just buy this app already. Highly recommended!

What Happened

New version. Lost 3 years if records. Awful.

Best of all

Just awesome app! Huge opportunities in such a simple interface. I use this app for many years. Tried a lot of other programs, but they all lose in the features. Recent upgrades are just gorgeous! Many thanks for the app.


I have been using this program since November 2011 and it has been great. It is very fast and easy to add new entries and it is easy to get helpful break-downs of your data for assistance in budgeting. Highly recommended. Thanks for the continued updates and support.

Update made it worse

This used to be a great app. You can no longer delete the 6 preset accounts. Not using anymore.

Hate the update, loved the old app

This app used to be the best but now I hate it and am in search of a new one to use instead- right now I'm using nothing. Everything is different and you're not in control of as many tags as before-- it's so confusions. Get the old one back!!!!

Used to love this app

Recently it was updated and now the type is hard to read and it is more involved to switch between debits and credits. If I could go back to old version I would have given it 5+ stars

Account default

I like the old version where the account default was the last account used. Default to the first account in the list is not ideal since the account list order can not be edited

New version doesn't work.

I enjoy and use CashTrails every day. After the update it is unusable. Crashes every time I try almost anything (reports, checking account balances.) Please fix this app - I need it for work.

Great update but...

Great update to the UI and so excited for iCloud support, but the app keeps crashing when I try to access the transactions in each individual account! Please fix this because it makes the app all but unusable. Also, iPad support should be included for customers that have already paid! Thank you!

Very pleased

This app works very well to track both day to day expenses also have a separate category for our vacations. We used to restrict vacation spending to cash, feeling if we used our credit cards we'd lose the 'big picture' of how much we were spending; however, with this app it's quick and simple to enter receipts and keep an eye on the 'running total'.

Best budgeting tool ever!

I have been using CashTrails for over 2 years to track my money and expenses. And with the latest app update this is the most reliable source of money management that I own! Definitely worth buying!

Yaay! Flat look

After wait for a long time; now it's update into flat style. Yeah it's cool

Great app!

I have been using this app for 3 years and I can't imagine my cash tracking without this app! Very fast, easy and seamless. The only thing I am asking, add the possibility to delete unnecessary tags while looking at monthly statistics. If I have for example "food" and "fruits" tags together I'd prefer to see for example "food" as a "big" tag and when I clicked - see what I bought inside of this "big" tag. I'm waiting for iOS 7 redesign by the way. Besides awesome app!

Good job

Keep up with this!


I'm able to track expenses as well as income. We can have password that ll secure our financial details from others. We can track each n every penny spent.. Also the reports can be downloaded in excel format.. I luv this app!!

THE BEST Money Manager!

Great money tracking app! - after reviewing about 15 apps - my winner is CashTrails! Have been using it for 4 years now. 1)Clear simple interface, fast to enter new transactions, easy to see how much is left per account/currency. 2)Accounts feature is excellent! It allows to easily track cash, cards, bank accounts, currencies, savings etc. Transfering money between accounts and using currencies is easy! 3)Reporting is easy and well customizable. 4)Support is quick with response - my question answered and my feedback happily accepted for future development. 5)Backup and restore works well. Survived all iPhone restores/software updates, no probs. 6)Export to Excel allows further work with data on pc/mac, but the app does all I need so far. Good luck to CashTrails!

Exactly what I needed

I have been using this app for over a year to help me keep track my expenses over a very dynamic schedule. I just learned, through a very quick response from support, that it will do even more then I thought to meet new requirements that have recently been placed upon my reporting needs. Perfect!

Great app! Easy to use...

.well thought out, with a good amount of features. I use it everyday.

Отличное приложение

Простая, удобная и функциональная программа. Бесплатная версия позволяет внести до 100 операций, этот объем уже достаточен, чтобы понять принципы работы. В отчетах есть переход сразу к операциям, это удобно. Можно назначить одной операции несколько меток, разделить операции по группам, сторонам (контрагентам), счетам. Фото, прикрепляемое к операции, сохраняется только в самой программе, а не в общем альбоме, где его все могут видеть. Правда, импорта фото из альбома нет, хорошо бы добавить. В целом очень достойно.

Best money management app out there!

I also looked through a bunch of different money management apps and even downloaded a few but by far cash trails one is the best. It's easy to use, has lots of features, and allows you to track things other apps don't. I got the lite version and was impressed that it allows you to use all the features up to 100 entries. Very cool idea for a lite app!

Great when working *CRASHED*

App recently will not open. I have data to enter and the app will not open. I'd like to restart and save info but can't even access it.

Great app

Really nice, informative and simple app! Fast and great looking with minimalistic interface! Maybe some different infographics can be added But the rest is good - highly recommend to all who want to track expenses

Just what I was looking for

This app is wonderful. It is specific enough to show where my money is and is going and is still versatile enough for me to base it on my needs and priorities.

Great update! Add more features

I liked the new update which allowed me to have great flexibility and control over the many sections within the app (account name, filters, etc)! Feature request: Would be amazing if there was a way to input/add interest rates so it naturally calculates it for you; no need to balance so often!

Green Icon!!

Thanks for bringing the green icon back! Not only does it make sense for a cash app, but there are WAY, WAY TOO MANY BLUE ICONS in use! I end up moving certain favorite apps off my home screen just so I don't have rows and rows of blue icons… I was distraught when I saw the icon change in your last update so I skipped it! Updating happily now.

Love the simplicity

Not gonna lie…what drove me to review my purchase (which I made a couple years ago) was the return of the Green logo. Thanks Vasyl - it looks much better. :-) That aside, this program's usefulness is its simplicity. Any transaction in your life, in any currency, can be logged and tracked. The only thing I'd like to see is website version of this program (like LoseIt) so I can adjust entries from a web portal. Typing on a phone is not always conducive to large changes! Buy it. You'll like it. Promise.

Now all I need is iPad optimize version

I've been using this app for more than 2 years, and how I love this. All I need right now is the iPad version, optimize for the large resolution for iPad, and I will totally sold.

Great for quick tracking

Cash Trails is a great app for figuring out where all those dribs and drabs of dollars are going. I use it to track my personal expenses, and a number of household categories. It's easy to switch expenses around from account to account and tag with different categories for analysis later. I do wish there were an iPad-sized version. It doesn't even need a different interface, but a non-jagged graphics version would be great to use. Despite that, it's still a 5-star app.

Exellent UI!

Love this app. Thanks for developers.

Love this app but started crashing

Please fix bugs. I love this app and can't live without it! Started crashing and I'm freaking out about losing my data (´Д` )(´Д` )(´Д` )

Life saver

I have been using this app for a few years now it is always saving my life from big financial problems, once you get used to it you can never live without it, I tell the people who developed this application this a great product can't wait for your updates, way to go people thumbs up

Nice and simple.

Looked at a bunch of these and most were too cumbersome to use long term. This one is perfect. Don't want a ton of extra crap, just cash flow from multiple accounts and basic reporting. Could be cheaper considering the others, but hey, it's a lousy $5 and it is exactly what I wanted.


After trying to find a free app that did what I wanted, I finally realized that I had already purchased this a year ago! This does EVERYTHING, you can choose which accounts to display with the Reports feature which allows you to customize your Budget Forecasting. Speaking of forecasting you can fine tune how far you want the app to extend your reoccurring entries, this is great, AND you don't need an internet connection to use all these features! Just a charged iphone/ipod touch..

Great help in monitoring my espenses

Great help

Helpful tool

I have found this very useful in keeping track of all the money i spend. It is so easy to add items, and fit them into categories. The export is simple and enables me to better track where my money is going. Thanks for a good product!

Add budgeting

Great App, add a simple budget system to set 2 weeks budgets, 1 month budgets...

What a SWEET unexpected treasure!

This app picked up my TRANSFERS & balanced to my bank statement's without a calculator. Also, the ability to make a specific date filter AND save it, means I can go back at any time without having to have to reset everything (thank you). I also really like the email back up. I don't have a personal computer at this time & I live in BF Egypt (so thank you again). Would like SEARCH, Split "tags" (transactions) WITH numerical definition, & reports.


It's good but but recurring don't seem to work

Great Ap, very useful and simple.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this ap is quite simple and quick to use while providing a lot of useful information. Tag and set parties to every entry, allowing you to see where your money is going. Percentages, averages, and projections are very useful. Great ap.

Hugely helpful app

Very quick entry to whatever detail needed and wonderful ease of getting a report on a given category of spending like food gas or misc. really like it!

Freakin' Awesome & Simple App!

But I want a Business Version.

Great, One Suggestion

It's a wonderful app! I really love it, as use it meticulously to keep track of my money--it saves me a trip to the bank or computer to check my balances. It's also well made, making it enjoyable to use as well as useful. The one suggestion I have is an "ignore" option, something that could remove an item from the calculations when figuring out daily income and et cetera. When I started, I obviously wasn't penniless, so I have a big chunk of a couple thousand dollars labeled "starter" in each category. These throw off the results, meaning my daily, weekly, monthly and annual income rates are incorrect. Please try and add this, and I'll give you five stars! And I'll tell my friends.

This app would be perfect

This app would be perfect if two devices could link together! Other wise great! Really love this app!!!!!! User friendly and looks a lot better than alot if other apps I've seen! Thank you guys and please work on the linking of two devices.


Use it >1 year and it's great. But budgeting is really wanted!!

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